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All samples are in HTML format unless otherwise noted. To download the Adobe® Reader® to view PDF documents, click here. Training Programs Wrote and designed numerous print, CD and web-based training programs for the training department of a major insurance company. These programs were used by claims employees throughout the company’s operating territory nationwide. Links to selected courses are provided below. Computer Fundamentals Time Management Automobile Total Losses Insurance Concepts Litigation Management (PDF) Property Estimating Web Content Career Planner Wrote copy for career planning site. NorthCampusDays.com Wrote and designed web site for promotion of my book, North Campus Days. Corporate Profiles “The Employer of Choice” Wrote and designed an interactive company history CD-ROM for a major insurance company. Click on the above link for a text-only version. CD available upon request. Letters Insurance Company (PDF) Direct mail letter. Utility Company (PDF) Direct mail letter. North Campus Days (PDF) Promotional letter for my book; sent to reviewers and bookstores. Brochures Investment Company Direct mail brochure. Spectrum Business Writing (PDF) Promotional piece for Spectrum Business Writing. Newsletters/Ezines Writing Matters Monthly copywriting ezine featuring case studies; 54 archived issues available at the above link. eBooks “Writing Matters: How A Freelance Copywriter Can Make Your Life Easier” (PDF) Compilation of the first year of Writing Matters ezine issues, with added commentary and case study analysis. “How A Freelance Copywriter Can Make Your Life Easier” (PDF) Five-page excerpted version of above eBook.