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The Challenge

Handling writing projects can be a difficult task when you don’t have a full-time writer on staff. Even if you have in-house help, sometimes your projects take on a life of their own and require additional creative support. Whether it be marketing materials targeting potential customers or internal correspondence for your employees, you need to communicate your message effectively. If you don’t, your business will suffer.

The Solution

So, who can you turn to for your business writing needs? Spectrum Business Writing! Why? Because I can write copy that will get your message across! A simple brochure can provide information about your business to consumers or other businesses. A compelling case study can tell the story of how your product or service can solve a customer’s problem. An effective training course can teach your employees new skills or reinforce existing ones to help improve your bottom line. A well-written company profile, newsletter or web site can project a positive image to customers and employees alike. Let me work with you to help reach your goals!

The Freelance Advantage

Why do the writing yourself? Think of the advantages: Reduce your costs with project-specific help only when you need it. No salaries, benefits, vacation, or sick pay. When faced with short-term staffing needs, fill in with a freelancer. Get a fresh perspective on your projects! I can make your life easier!

Free Consultation

Contact me at 310-979-5943 or by email to discuss your next writing project – there’s no obligation!